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was born out of it's global community of sportspeople. Working with our community and the same level of designers, factories, fabrics and manufacturers as the world’s leading sports brands we created the world's first community powered sportswear brand. Now into our 3rd year, we design and manufacture performance sportswear that exceeds expectation on quality and value.

Empower all athletes


Celebrate all sportspeople like they are the pro

We live by a mission to treat normal sportspeople like they are the pro. Just like the pros earning the mega bucks receive, we believe that grassroots sportspeople deserve celebration; and, that the everyday athlete deserves premium quality sportswear worthy of pro status. But that their hard work and dedication means they deserve our premium sportswear at accessible non-premium prices.

The Community on Tribesports

Crowd-sourced design: vote and share your feedback.

We invite our customers to shape the designs and technical specifications for future Tribesports products. From colours, to seam placements to pocket sizing to which products you want the most - we want to hear your thoughts.


community-powered design


Sweat and Save


You workout. We Reward.

Tribesports always rewards activation and fitness efforts of athletes at every level. Plus with our Sweat & Save program, the more you train, the better your prices get learn more.


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